FUE Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the method of hair transplantation by obtaining the hair follicles one by one without making a linear cut from the donor area. With this method, hair follicles are transplanted while preserving their vitality. Hair follicles are taken directly after the circular incisions made around the follicular unit with special cylindrical needles of 0.7 mm - 1.0 mm.

Then, channel opening process is started. This is the process of determining the hair transplantation line and opening the channel in accordance with the natural hair direction.

The last stage is the process of placing the hair follicles one by one at 40-45 degree angles in these channels opened in the right directions during the planting of the roots.

All three stages have their own subtleties are planned by the doctor before the operation according to the patient's condition.

It is the gold standard FUE technique in hair transplantation operations. This technique, which provides healthy and natural hair, is the most advanced and latest technique in hair transplantation operations. In the procedure performed with local anesthesia or sedation procedure, pain and pain sensation are at minimum level. The process takes about 4-7 hours.

Advantages of a FUE Hair Transplant

  • It is the most effective method used for people to have natural and healthy hair.
  • Does not leave permanent marks behind the head
  • It is much more comfortable both during and after the operation
  • Recovery and return to normal life is fast.
  • Behind the head and other body areas can be used safely as a donor area.
  • The grafts obtained can be used for beard mustache and eyebrow transplantation, except for hair transplantation.
  • When applied by experienced and professional teams, the success rate is very high.