Healthcare Tourism In Turkey

Healthcare Tourism In Turkey

Turkey is making significant investments in the last 5 years for health tourism. And this way, it hosted 1.5 million tourists for healthcare last year.

It has been confirmed by officials that nearly 1 million tourists come for hair transplantation. This means that 1500-2000 hair transplantations are made almost daily.

Turkey, especially in Istanbul, in the world of health tourism with a modern newly built hospitals in recent years has taken its place among the top 5 countries.

Turkey tourism in recent years, rapid growth. Tourism sector continues to develop not only in sea, beach and sun tourism, but also in many areas from health to sports. Among these, health tourism comes first.

The reasons for going to Turkey for hair transplantation of Europeans;

Hospitals and clinics are of very high quality and are of world healthcare standards

Doctors are very professional,

Geopolitically good location,

The price is very affordable,

Rich opportunities for not only health tourism but cultural and holiday tourism

For over 8 years now PointMed Hair Clinic has been focused on the restoration of hair, we are and have been a leading Turkish hair transplant centre and hair restoration clinic located in the Istanbul and Antalya with 2 locations in the Turkey. Our clinic regularly perform hair transplantation with FUE and DHI techniques.