Beard & Mustache Transplantation

It is a permanent and effective solution in patients with beard or mustache loss and sparseness due to genetic and hormonal causes or wound burns.

It is a similar procedure to hair transplantation. In the procedure applied with FUE and DHI techniques, the back of the hair, the beard lower part of the beard or a different part of the body can be used as a donor. It is extremely important that the taken hair follicles are transplanted in accordance with the wishes of the person and in accordance with the face shape at appropriate angles.

Pain and pain sensation are at minimum level in the procedure performed under local anesthesia.

There are no wounds or scars, healing is very fast. The patient is discharged on the same day after an average of 5-6 hours. In a few weeks after the procedure, temporary sudden shedding is observed in the beards, this is completely natural, and then the beards will grow again permanently and healthily. Takes its final shape in about 1 year